Think of bark dust as the icing on the cake.  After everything else in your yard is finished, the bark goes down to suppress weeds and beautify the landscape.  Here’s a simple 5 point checklist to help you prepare your yard for bark or mulch.

  • WEED, EDGE, TRIM – Pull the weeds, edge the lawn, trim the hedges and trees.
  • REMOVE DEBRIS – Any debris in the beds to be bark dusted should be removed.  Tree branches, leaves, pull up plants you want removed.  The smoother the surface, the further your bark will go.
  • APPLY WEED BARRIER OF CHOICE – Whether you want to use a chemical weed suppressant or go all natural, there are various ways to suppress weeds.  With chemicals, you should keep in mind that it will kill many of the good bacteria in the ground that is beneficial for a healthy and strong soil.  We recommend landscaping fabric that is biodegradable (like this one) but there are a variety on the market.  Read our blog about it for more info.
  • AMEND SOIL IF NECESSARY – In the Willamette and Tualatin Valleys we have a lot of clay in our soil.  Clay is actually full of vital nutrients for plants, but they cannot access it in clay form.  For a healthy garden and yard, it’s a great idea to add an amendment that will, over time, break down into the soil and clay to help release those nutrients.  This is ideal if you are adding new plants to your yard or are working on a vegetable garden.  Our 5-way Brahma soil can be tilled in, put your raised beds, or added in a 2″ layer to the ground before putting down the bark.  Barkdust itself, will also add humus if consistently applied at a 2″ depth every year or two.
  • PLANT LARGE PLANTS – such as new hedges, bushes, and young trees.  Save the smaller perennials and annuals for after the bark is down.  This is especially true if you are having us blow in the bark as small plants can be damaged during the blowing process.  We typically will blow a small pile beside the sensitive areas for you to hand spread later.  Plants can be planted directly into bark.

Now you’re ready to lay your bark!  Take a look at our products and give us a call when you’re ready.  503-620-5555