So you’ve decided to have your bark dust or other products delivered – great! We’ve created a delivery guideline to help answer any questions you may or may not have.

Here’s our most typical scenario:

1. You’ve placed your order with us over the phone.
2. We load your order at our Tigard yard.
3. Our driver picks up a check from under your doormat or other area, unless we have a credit/debit card on file.
4. Our driver dumps your order in the place you have specified (usually your driveway or nearby).
5. A copy of your invoice is left at your door.

Some things to consider if you are have having bark dumped:

  • Low overhead wires or branches – the bed of our trucks lifts to 16 feet in the air to dump your product.  That is approximately the same height as the power lines.  If there are low overhanging wires or branches, we will need to find another area to dump.
  • You do not need to be home.  We will take instructions on where to dump your product over the phone.  It is preferred that the area be marked.  You can do this by placing a soda can full of water on the area, or with a tarp, or a piece of duct tape.
  • We cannot guarantee a time of delivery.  Unfortunately there are many factors that affect the time that we deliver your order like traffic, personnel, our own retail yard customers, and more.  If you need the product at a specific time, we recommend having it delivered the day before so that it is there for you when you need it.
  • We will not dump a product without payment. If you have decided to pay with a check, please let us know where you will leave it.  If we cannot find it, we will not dump your order.  We take all valid credit / debit cards.
  • Specify where to dump by marking the area with a soda can full of water, a cone, duct tape on the pavement, tarp, or other method.  Let us know when placing your order how you’ll be marking the area so that our driver knows what to look for.  If you think overhead obstructions or other factors may make it difficult to dump in your preferred spot, please provide an alternate dumping area if necessary.
  • Our trucks do not leave the pavement and do not drive on pavers.  We take no responsibility for damage beyond the curb, so keep that in mind when asking us to dump product on your driveway.

We hope you find this post to be helpful.  Give us a call when you’re ready to order or with any further questions!  503-620-5555