Bark Blowing Services

Bark Blowing 

Bark blowing is a method of applying mulch with a hose directly into the areas you need to cover.  The hose itself is about 6 inches in diameter and is attached to a truck with a blowing system on it.  Our trucks carry between 3 and 6 units of product at a time.  The products that we can blow in are barkdust, wood chips, soil (when very dry), and compost (when very dry).  We carry 150 feet of hose on our trucks but can bring up to 300 feet if necessary.
Bark blowing is a popular choice for areas that are difficult to access by wheelbarrow or simply for the convenience.  Bark Blowers was instrumental in creating the mulch blowing system over twenty years ago.  Needless to say, we have mastered the craft and can blow one cubic yard of barkdust in about two minutes!

Bark blowing is an ideal choice for those with sloped landscaping or other difficult to reach areas on foot.

We blow bark on both residential and commercial properties all year long.

We service the Portland Metro Area and our rates are area specific.  Please call for current prices.
We apologize that we do not service the state of Washington.


We can deliver you product to your property and dump it on any paved surface.  One or two units of bark will typically take up one side of a standard driveway.

We can deliver up to two products at a time and we can also split loads, which is a money-saving option for neighbors.


Our Tigard retail yard is open year round.  Our staff is ready to answer any questions and load up your truck bed, trailer, or buckets for you to take home.

We are currently on Winter Hours:

Mon. – Fri., 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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